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Granting Power of Attorney in Springfield, VA

When a loved one struggles to care for their own needs, their assets and care requirements don’t disappear. In these situations, the best solution is often seeking a lawyer who can help you grant power of attorney in Springfield, VA. Doing so gives a designated individual the authority to legally make decisions about someone’s property, wealth, and care. 

Often, it’s the best way to protect accounts that might be difficult to access if the person who owns them can’t do so on their own. This option is also useful in devising independent contractor agreements, where one party in the arrangement may need to be able to take action representing the other. Essentially, power of attorney is exactly what it sounds like — it vests one person with the power to act as a legal representative for another.

Why a Lawyer Matters

With personal or business interests at stake, it’s wise to anticipate legal challenges to this kind of arrangement. Working with a knowledgeable lawyer to create and execute the agreement is the best way to ensure a durable power of attorney that holds up under legal scrutiny. To learn more and find out if this is the best path forward in your situation, get in touch with Lynne N. Clark, PC, for a consultation.